Investigation into former Tourism Minister close to end

Tourism Minister Ali Waheed at a press conference at National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) on June 24, 2020. (Photo/Tourism Ministry)

Police have stated that they are preparing to forward the case against former Tourism Minister Ali Waheed accused of multiple accounts of sexual misconduct to the Prosecutor General's Office.

Ali Waheed was dismissed from his post by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on  July 9, after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct were made by Tourism Ministry staffers against him. 

Nearly two months since the investigation began, Police media officials stated to Sun today that most of the investigation was now completed. Procedures to forward the case to the Prosecutor General's Office were now underway. The PG office will then bring charges against Ali Waheed. 

No further details of the case were provided by the Police. 

Statements from 15 individuals were taken for the investigation. Ali Waheed was barred from leaving the country on July 12 and Police even searched his apartment as part of the investigation. He was summoned to the Police on July 19 for the investigation.

Ali Waheed has maintained that the allegations were part of a planned conspiracy against him and has stated previously that he denied all allegations against him. Ali Waheed said that an independent investigation would clear him of misconduct and that the allegations were motivated for political reasons.