Immigration facilitates travel for individuals with expired visas

Bangladeshi nationals go through immigration ahead of boarding a Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight chartered by the Maldivian government to repatriate 353 undocumented workers on May 16, 2020. (Photo/Maldives Immigration)

Maldives Immigration has announced that travel arrangements for foreigners will be facilitated if their visas expired after March 19.

Immigration said that it was working to facilitate easements for foreigners in the Maldives. The easements for travel arrangements through, sea and air without extending the visa were part of the measures.

Travel arrangements can be made once the individuals fill out the Application for Emergency Departure. However, a Health Declaration Form must also be submitted online before the arrangements can be made. 

The last date for such departures is October 31. Immigration said that it was taking extra precautions in ensuring the health safety of travelers during the situation with COVID-19. It requested everyone and especially those working under companies to adhere to the visa regulations without any delays due to this.