Jabir submits bill to change system of governance

Kaashidhoo MP Abdulla Jabir. (Photo/People's Majlis)

 Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) leader Abdulla Jabir has submitted a constitutional amendment to switch the system of governance in Maldives from a presidential system to a parliamentary system.

Jabir, who serves as the parliamentary representative for Kaashidhoo constituency, wrote in his bill that while it was declared following a 2007 referendum that the system of governance in Maldives will be a presidential system, the Constitution itself, which was ratified in 2008, does not explicitly state that the system of governance must be a presidential system.

Jabir wrote in his bill that based presidential elections held following the ratification of the Constitution, and the actual system of governance practiced in Maldives, the nation is governed more similar to a parliamentary system than a presidential system.

“As such, given that the rule of government of Maldives does not fully conform to the presidential system, and given the increasing damages and sufferings of the Maldivian people as a result of this, I find the people can be saved from the sufferings only changing the system of governance to a parliamentary system,” he wrote in his bill.

Jabir wrote in his bill that switching to a parliamentary system will not infringe on the constitutional rights of the people, and that the President and parliamentarians will continue to be elected.

He also wrote that the amendment does not contradict the Constitution.

Jabir said that the parliamentary system, given that it allows the government to be run by a prime minister and the political party which holds the parliament majority, is a successful system adopted by many nations.

He said that he believes the system will be the most beneficial to the people.

The Constitution establishes the President as the head of state and head of government.