Two thalassemia children recover from COVID-19

A thalassemia patient receiving blood transfusions.

The Thalassemia Center of the Maldives has announced the recovery of two thalassemia children from COVID-19.

Thalassemia patients are included in the high-risk category of COVID-19 patients, along with the elderly and people with chronic illnesses. 

Speaking in a PSM program, associate specialist in pediatric of Maldives Blood Services Dr. Ahmed Umar said that the two children tested positive after being traced through contacts.

They were asymptomatic when they tested positive and had been so up until their recovery, said Dr. Umar.

Maldives has so far confirmed 6,370 cases of COVID-19. A total of 3,915 individuals had made recoveries from the virus while the country has recorded 25 deaths in total.