Blood bank running out of blood, in urgent need of O+

File photo from the Global Youth Blood Donation Camp. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Maldives Blood Service (MBS) has announced it running out of the blood in stock at its blood bank, and has issued an urgent appeal for blood donations.

The emergence of COVID-19 cases in Maldives has led to a fall in blood donations, leading to MBS issuing several appeals for donations. It had issued its last call for donations two days back.

MBS’ Associate Specialist in Pediatrics, Dr. Ahmed Umar told Sun on Monday that they did not have enough blood in stock to use for transfusions for patients.

“We are appealing for donors who are willing to come in directly through patients,” said Umar.

Male’ City went under lockdown on April 15, following the emergence of virus cases in the populous capital. The situation has led to a halt in blood donation camps, and challenges in getting blood.

Umar said the biggest demand was for the blood type O+.

Half of thalassemia patients are O+, he said.

“And B+ is also hard to get,” he added.

Umar has asked those who wish to donate blood to call 3306089 to make an appointment. Donors will be brought in one at a time in order to ascertain their health and safety, he said.