Committee shortlists 15 candidates for CSC membership

Addu Meedhoo MP Rozaina Adam chairs over a meeting of the Parliament's Independent Institutions Committee. (File Photo/Sun/Ahmed Aushan Ilyas)

Parliament’s Independent Institutions Committee has shortlisted 15 candidates who applied for the four vacancies at Civil Service Commission (CSC), for submission to the parliamentary floor for a vote.

The four vacancies were left in the wake of the resignation of CSC president Dr. Ali Shameem, vice president Shaheed Mohamed and member Zakariyya Hussain, and the impeachment of member Ibrahim Shaheeq on July 13.

41 candidates applied for the vacancies.

Civil Service Commission Act establishes that the Parliament must make a public announcement for vacancies at the commission and that the Independent Institutions Committee must vet all the candidates and present a report to the parliamentary floor.

It also establishes that candidate or candidates who pass with a majority vote taken at the parliamentary floor must be appointed to the commission by the President.

Independent Institutions Committee chair, Addu Meedhoo MP Rozaina Adam announced on Thursday that the committee has shortlisted 15 candidates following vetting, and submitted their names to the parliamentary floor for approval.

She said that all 15 shortlisted candidates were capable, and that she expected all of them to affect positive changes if selected.


  • Mariyam Muna, M. Baaranaage, Male’
  • Mohamed Shareef, Fusthulhaage, G. Dh. Thinadhoo
  • Ibrahim Rasheed, Black, R. Meedhoo
  • Muna Mohamed, H. Nooraaneefehi, Male’
  • Ajwad Ali, G. Bluewave, Male’
  • Mohamed Furusath, H. Twoheart, Male’
  • Aishath Shaheen, Ma. Villarodhi, Male’
  • Mohamed Naseer, M. Funfini, Male’
  • Fathimath Shareef, Maakoalhi, G. Dh. Thinadhoo
  • Ahmed Moosa, H. Amsavilla, Male’
  • Fathimath Rifahath Riffath, G. Vega 2, Male’
  • Ahmed Nasih, M. Falconge, Male’
  • Rasheeda Ali, G. Janavareemaage, Male’
  • Shuhdha Rilwan, Flower Mead, S. Meedhoo
  • Mariyam Sheneen, Ma. Forsythia, Male’