Education Ministry announces plans to cut class hours

Students wear masks they attend classes under "new normal" guidelines. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Education Ministry has made the decision to change school hours under the “new normal”.

Schools reopened under “new normal” guidelines following the relaxation of the lockdown in the greater Male’ region on July 1.

Education Ministry announced in a circular sent to schools that it has decided to affect changes to the length of time allocated for class periods. As such, 45-minute periods will be shorted to 35-minute periods.

It will affect the weekly hours allocated for each subject, said the Education Ministry in its circular.

Education Ministry said that the changes were being made following discussions with principals and teachers.

Education Ministry has instructed schools to fix school hours to maximum four-hour sessions, including one hour for hand washing and other such needs.

Schools have also been instructed to hold classes virtually if they are unable to hold all classes within the given period of time.

Education Ministry has instructed schools to begin implementing the changes on August 23.