Opposition MP alleges two more audit reports being withheld

MP for Naifaru Ahmed Shiyam. (Photo/Parliament)

MP for Naifaru Ahmed Shiyam has said that audit reports into the Foreign Ministry and Planning Ministry were being kept from being disclosed, because it would reveal more acts of corruption and misappropriation.

The MP was speaking regarding the revelations of corruption and misconduct related to the Tourism Ministry and Health Ministry in audit reports, which was presented as an emergency issue to the parliament today.

MP Shiyam said that apart from the two Ministries, audits into the Foreign Ministry and Planning Ministry had been conducted.

"I have received trustable information that there is an audit report of the Foreign Ministry. It is being withheld. A lot of concerning things are there in the report. The report says a lot of acts of corruption had been conducted." said the MP who requested the Parliament Speaker to obtain the report. 

"Honorable Speaker, a report of the Planning Ministry is also there." said the MP who is a senior figure of the opposition parties.