MP says 60 percent of cabinet working to tarnish MDP

Central Henveyru MP Ali Azim. (Photo/People's Majlis)

MDP Parliamentary Group leader and MP for Central Henveiru Ali Azim has said that 60 percent of cabinet members were working to humiliate the party.

The MP said that Maldivians had not given the administration of the government to MDP and that most cabinet members were working to tarnish the party in today's parliamentary session. 

The MP was speaking regarding the revelations of corruption and misconduct related to the Tourism Ministry and Health Ministry in audit reports, which was presented as an emergency issue to the parliament today.

The MP said that it was a coalition that was given the power to govern the country. 

"In my opinion, 60 percent of cabinet members in the coalition are working to tarnish the name of MDP. To place the blame on MDP. To show that MDP was behind the corruption and theft." said MP Azim.

The Audit Office complied reports based on the compliance of expenditure by the Tourism Ministry and the Health Ministry. 

The Audit Report into the Health Ministry's spending revealed that the Ministry had awarded a contract to source 75 ventilators to Dubai based Executors General Trading under the pretext that it was recommended by the WHO.

From the ventilators that authorities received, it was identified that the brands of ventilators imported and initially ordered were different, with a number of features missing. 

The report cited multiple other issues regarding government expenditure and instances of unethical and dishonest conduct. The Auditor General's Office even ordered an investigation into the conduct.

Meanwhile, the report into the conduct of the Tourism Ministry showed excessive purchases, and financial misconduct as well. 99 percent of the expenditure by the Ministry was not included in the Ministry’s mandate, the report had found. 

MP Azim thanked the Auditor General for the reports. He said that the previously the parliament would have worked to dismiss the Auditor General, but instead were now working to hold the government accountable.

"The picture in the parliament previously was if an audit report was issued with the name of a Minister or the President, a vote of no confidence in the Auditor General would be taken here. However, today we are showing that we are a responsible party that the public gave 65 seats to for this purpose." said the MP. 

He said that some alleged that the party was working to bring down the government when it acted in this manner. This was not the case, said MP Azim.

"Some working with us say that we are trying to disturb the government and bring its downfall. That we are working against President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. No, we are working to save President Solih. We are working to dismiss the Ministers who steal from the state. We will work for it without any disruptions." said MP Azim.