Wall in Maafushi construction site collapses, damaging neighboring residence

K. Maafushi. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

A wall in a building under construction in K. Maafushi partially collapsed on Sunday, damaging a neighboring residence inhabited by a family undergoing home quarantine.

The wall which partially collapsed is approximately three to four feet in size, and part of a four-story building under construction.

Maafushi Council president Usman Rasheed told Sun the wall collapsed in the evening due to strong winds.

“The wall which collapsed from the building under construction is approximately three to four feet. The property is divided, and part of one of the buildings facing outwards collapsed on top of a house located inwards,” he said.

Usman said the incident resulted in damages to the roof and ceiling of the house, rendering it unsuitable for inhabitation.

However, none of the inhabitants of the house suffered any physical injuries.

Usman said the house is inhabited by people who rented the house to complete home quarantine after travelling to Maafushi from Male’ City.

He said that they have been moved to another house arranged by their landlord.

“When they called me I advised that the two parties discuss it and arrange an alternative accommodation as soon as possible. That alternative accommodation will not be arranged by the state or the council. That it is not a responsibility of the state, and that the decision to opt for home quarantine is voluntary,” he said.

Usman said they were moved with the assistance of the health center as they are under quarantine.