2 islands under monitoring mechanisms due to COVID-19 case

Ungoofaaru Regional Hospital.

The islands of R. Ungoofaaru and Lh. Olhuvelifushi has been placed under monitoring mechanisms due to a  patient transported to Male’ City testing positive for COVID-19.

The patient that tested positive was originally from the island of Lh. Olhuvelifushi and had received treatment for fever and stomach pains, according to Olhuvelifushi Council which confirmed the monitoring status on the island. The individual was then transported to R. Ungoofaaru for additional care on July 29. 

Ungoofaaru Regional Hospital said that tests conducted for COVID-19 on the individual due to exhibited symptoms had come back as negative. The individual tested positive twice after being transported to Male’ City. 

“IGMH informed us that the second test had also come back as positive. The island is now under monitoring mechanisms.” Said Hassan Fazeel, who is in charge of Public Relations at Ungoofaaru Regional Hospital.

Olhuvelifushi Council said that the individual that traveled to Ungoofaaru had no prior travel history and that contact tracing was now underway on the island. 

“People in contact with the individual from the island have been quarantined.” Said a Councilor from Olhuvelifushi.