Friday Prayer sermon calls to uphold rights of expats

July 10, 2020: Friday prayers were performed in Male' City for the first time after almost three months due to the COVID-19 lockdown. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The Friday prayer sermons today reminded that it is the religious and worldly duty of the individuals that bring expatriates to the Maldives to pay the wages expatriate workers and, complete the work permit procedures and communicate decently with them.

The topic for today’s sermon was “Human trafficking – modern-day slavery”.

Describing the practice as a disaster faced by humanity, the sermon read that hundreds of thousands of people are tricked on the prospect of good wages when they are sent to foreign nations. The sermon noted that women that arrive to work in households are often subjected to prostitution and sexual tourism.

Calling to not forget the human rights of the many expatriates that arrive to the Maldives for different work purposes, the sermon reminded that it was the duty of those who bring the expatriates, to arrange their accommodation, health services, and food.

Neglected rights of the expatriates must be fought for and not forgotten, read the sermon, but only through the legally prescribed manner. The sermon also stated that violence, vandalism, and chaos was not something to be pursued when trying to attain these rights.