RIX Pvt Ltd questions company name in court order, submits complaint to JSC

Expatriate workers in B. Bodufinolhu. (Photo/Police)

Milandhoo MP Ali Riza’s R I X Pvt Ltd has submitted a complaint to the Judicial Service Commission regarding the magistrate of B. Thulhaadhoo who ordered the eviction of expatriates from B. Bodufinolhu who had damaged property and were involved in violent altercations with police over unpaid wages at the beginning of this month.

Some expatriates in B. Bodufinolhu are believed to have been subjected to human trafficking violations.

A statement by Lawcraft the law firm representing MP Riza’s company read that the order by the magistrate could not be enforced on the company. Lawcraft stated, that due to the reason that the company was named “R I X Pvt Ltd” and not RIX Pvt Ltd as named in the magistrate court’s order, it could not be enforced.

The matter was submitted to the JSC stating that it was not the policy followed to order a party not involved in the matter at hand. The statement also cited a Civil Court judgment regarding claims and orders imposed on a non-existential party. The judgment had read that procedural issues and enforcement issues could come out of such judgments.

The statement by Lawcraft also read that technical issues forced the video conference hearing, where the injunction by the Magistrate Court was issued, to be interrupted. Six points noted by the RIX Company were ignored by the magistrate during the proceedings. The law firm also noted procedural points apart from one were ignored by the Magistrate Court which moved on to issuing the injunction. 

Lawcraft alleged that influence played a role in the injunction which benefited certain parties and was unlawful. The matter regarding the senior magistrate of B. Dharavandhoo court Ahmed Latheef was presented to the JSC by the law firm on July 15.

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