MPs trade verbal blows over Ministerial summoning

MP for Kaashidhoo Abdulla Jabir. (Photo/Parliament)

MP for West Maafannu Mohamed Falaah has accused MP for Kaashidhoo Abdulla Jabir for trying to forward his business interests by proposing an inquiry regarding Fisheries Minister Zaha Waheed.

The matter regarding the Minister states that the Minister is not performing her duties accordingly and was represented to the Parliament’s Oversight Committee by MP Jabir.

The Committee voted to see whether it should summon the Minister over the matter. MP Jabir said that Parliament was trying to show that Minister Zaha had their confidence even though that was not the case.

MP Falaah, speaking at the Committee said that the remaining MPs should not present matters or summon Ministers in matters of their own personal business interest. MP Jabir had sternly criticized the actions of Minister Zaha beforehand.

He responded to the allegation with a point of order only to state that he had no other interest but the interest of Maldivians. He had no personal enmity with Minister Zaha. MP Falaah also said that it was not clear as to which issue MP Jabir was referring regarding the lack of confidence in the Minister.

MP Falaah said that the intentions of MP Jabir was to construct chambers in uninhabited islands which used to be owned by him in the Huvadhu Atoll. The Fisheries Ministry had rejected this by saying that chambers can only be constructed in inhabited islands close to a hospital.

Parliament's Oversight Committee. (Photo/Parliament)

MP Jabir responded angrily towards the remarks by MP Falaah.

“The discussion cannot involve my own personal matters. This is against the rules. I am a businessman. So why don’t you establish a special relationship with Zaha and resolve this?” said MP Jabir.

MP Falaah responded by saying that he was not opposed to summoning the Minister but was opposed that MP Jabir was trying to forward his own business interest. 

Eventually, the Committee voted against summoning Minister Zaha.