Elderly patient with multiple health issues recover from COVID-19

Dharumavantha Hospital, Male' City, Maldives. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

A 71-year old Maldivian with health complications admitted that the Dharumavantha Hospital after testing positive for COVID-19 has recovered.

The patient was discharged yesterday. Health officials have previously warned that the virus could be fatal for people with health complications.

Physician Dr. Mohamed Ali, who was part of the team that treated the patient for nearly two months at the hospital said to Sun, that the patient was the oldest individual to recover from the virus after conditional deterioration. The doctor stated that recovery signified a major accomplishment.

“By God's will, the patient left the hospital after making a full recovery. The patient could walk alone. I would like to note the hard work of the IGMH medical team and doctors.” Said Dr. Mohamed. 

He added that the individual had several health complications that could have made the virus fatal. 

“The patient had a stroke, had diabetes, and high blood pressure. The patient had symptoms of pneumonia when admitted. Breathing difficulties.” Said the doctor explaining the severity of the condition.

“The patient’s pneumonia was fine and could walk and speak, didn’t need oxygen when discharged.” Said the doctor.

The oldest individual to recover from the virus in the Maldives is aged 92. However, the patient did not require treatment by a ventilator.