Kulhudhuffushi hospital commences PCR testing for COVID-19

Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital. (Photo/Kulhudhuffushi Live)

PCR testing for COVID-19 has been arranged at the Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital (KRH) in the north of Maldives.

Along with the Hospital, three cities in the Maldives have COVID-19 capabilities. In addition to Kulhudhuffushi, the capital Male’ City and the southern city of Addu also has COVID-19 testing arrangements. Other than KRH, COVID-19 testing is also to be arranged at Maafaru International Airport soon.

Lab technicians KRH completed a three-week-long training program at IGMH for the purpose. The hospital is not yet capable of operating at full capacity due to the availability of just two technicians. KRH said that the capacity is soon to be increased.

Wave length Company carried out the project for COVID-19 testing in the northern city. Test machines and other equipment were received by the hospital on June 17. 

The equipment has been provided for COVID-19 testing in hospitals of L. Gan Regional Hospital, Abdul Samad Memorial Hospital ion G. Dh. Thinadhoo, B. Atoll Hospital, Sh. Atoll Hospital and Ungoofaaru Regional Hospital as well.