Peaceful protests against sexual abuse held in Male' City

Protests held against child and sexual abuse in Male' City on July 3, 2020. (Sun Photo/Muzayyin Nazim)

Protests were held again in the capital Male’ City today against rape and impunity.

The protests are organized by Voice of Children and began in front of the Gender Ministry.

Participants marched from Majeedhee Magu to Artificial Beach in the east of the city before turning towards the President’s Office. The protests ended near the BML main branch in Majeedhee Magu.

Protesters called to stop child and sexual abuse as well as justice. They also called for state institutions to be held accountable.

Police today facilitated the protests as they supervised and diverted traffic after the protests on Monday led to scuffles. Protesters also detailed accounts of abuse received by them and reminded police of their vows to serve and protect

The number of sexual abuse crimes reported in the Maldives have recently increased significantly. A total of 241 cases were lodged with police regarding sexual crimes. Six cases have so far been lodged this month.

Notable recent cases involve the rape of a 17-year old girl on an island in the central region of the Maldives. The girl later became pregnant. A 37-year old was also recently arrested for the rape of an 18-year old who also became pregnant. Other cases include an 11-year old who was sexually abused in a guesthouse and a 16-year old who was abused after being blackmailed. A rape case involving a foreign victim was also reported in the Maldives on June 26.