Indonesian's death unrelated to COVID-19

Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital

Health Protection Agency (HPA) has announced that the Indonesian male that passed away tonight after testing positive for COVID-19 passed away due to cancer.

HPA tweeted a short while ago that the individual’s cause of death was identified as stage 4 cancer. 

His death was not related to COVID-19 although he had tested positive for the virus. The time of death is reported at 21:47.

So far the Maldives has recorded ten deaths connected with the pandemic virus.

HPA said that the man was admitted at IGMH. Five elderly locals have so far passed away due to the virus, in addition to four Bangladeshi nationals, as well as an individual from the Philipines.

The Maldives confirmed 18 cases of the virus tonight, bringing the total tally for the country to 2,400.