Male' City Mayor: We still haven't learned a lesson from COVID-19

Male' City mayor Shifa Mohamed. (Sun Photo/Muzayyin Nazim)

Mayor of Male’ City Shifa Mohamed has criticized the actions of some members of the public by saying that residents have still not learned a lesson from COVID-19.

The capital was placed under a strict lockdown after the first case of the virus was identified on April 15. It has since gone on to become the epicenter of the virus in the country. The lockdown order has been eased to some level by the authorities after a control in the number of cases. Civilians are now permitted to go outdoors without a permit. 

However, the easements have seen civilians outdoors without heeding the advice of health professionals.

Mayor Shifa lamented the fact when she tweeted a photo of a public gathering.

She said, “ it is evident that we have still not learned a lesson from COVID-19”.

Doctors have been warning that the country could see a resurge of cases if the public do not adhere to the safety standards. This may lead the authorities to even re-impose the full lockdown back on the capital. Experts have said that a community spread increase can only be determined when the number of independent cases begins to rise. No such increase has so far been identified after the easements.