High Court overrules Criminal Court in detention of non-serious criminal matters

High Court of Maldives; The Court has ordered a review of a child abuse case dismissed by a Magistrate Court in 2016. (Sun Photo)

The High Court has ruled that in non-serious criminal matters, the defendant cannot be detained for a period of more than 15 days.

The court ruled regarding the detainment of an individual for violence towards his partner. The individual was detained at first for 10 days before being remanded to custody for 15 days. The court decided that the detainment of individuals in non-serious criminal matters should not be longer than 15 days after reviewing the appeal in the case.

The court said that the detainment of such individuals in such matters was “not known” to the Criminal Procedure Code. The Act states that an individual can be detained for nor more than 15 days without sufficient evidence. 

The court overruled the decision of the Criminal Court in the individual’s detention due to this. The judges in the case ruled unanimously in the matter.