Applications for miscellaneous permits must be made twice

Assistant Commissioner of Police Ismail Naveen. (Photo/NEOC)

Outdoor permits issued to citizens under the category of “Miscellaneous” will require two applications, Maldives Police Service has said.

The permits are issued to the public for outdoor activities during the lockdown order imposed in the capital. Permits are issued after an online application through the Police Portal.

Categories where permits are issued for include duty hours, medical emergency trips as well as business and shopping purposes. If the purpose does not fit into any of the listed categories, applications are to be made under the miscellaneous category.

Speaking in a presser last night, Assistant Commissioner of Police Ismail Naveen said that complaints were received regarding the short time period allocated for permits under the miscellaneous category.

“The time allocated is for the travel between one location and the other as perceived. For instance, even if it takes 20 or 30 minutes, the time is not allocated to go and return from a location.” Said ACP Naveen.

The ACP instructed that those wishing to make return trips, to make a second application through the portal for the purpose. Police were also working to speed up the process since miscellaneous category permits were issued under 24-hours.

“When requesting for miscellaneous permits, 24 hours must be put in as time. If the permit is requested at 19:00 (7:00) then 19:00 (in 24 hours) must be put in. Some apply as 7:00 (19:00). The issue has been faced,”

“We also cannot allocate a long time period to go from one place to the other. We want to ensure that they (permit holders) return after going there.” said the Assistance Commissioner.