33 in critical condition to be transported abroad

Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Aasandha Company has announced that it is making travel arrangements for 33 critical individuals to receive treatment abroad.

In a press conference, tonight at the NEOC, Aasandha Company’s Managing Director Mariyam Shafeeq said that there were a lot of people who needed to travel abroad for medical treatment.

“We are working on their transportation abroad. The Foreign Ministry is holding discussions with the governments of India and Sri Lanka for them to receive treatment abroad.” Said Mariyam Shafeeq.

 Those that will be arranged transport abroad, would be for treatment that is not available in the Maldives, such as surgeries and radiation treatment. 

“Even now, our critical list has many to go abroad. We have filtered and are now working to transport 33 of those.” Said Shafeeq.

She also added that Amrita Hospital in Kochi, India would be providing teleconsultations through Hulhumale’ Hospital since May 25.