MDP MP voices concern over efforts to implicate MPs in MMPRC scandal

MP for Maradhoo Ibrahim Shareef. (Sun File Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

MP for Maradhooo Addu City, Ibrahim Shareef has said that collaborative efforts with former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb, to frame some MPs with the MMPRC scandal are being conducted inside his own party MDP.

The MP was speaking in the Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament today when he made the remark.

The issue of the MMPRC audit report is being investigated by the Public Accounts Committee since last October. However, the review was halted due to another issue that the Committee was focused on.

MP Shareef said in today’s meeting that it was a worrying concern that the case investigation by investigative bodies was being prolonged from reaching a conclusion. He added that some were trying to frame others within the Parliament by implicating them in the scandal.

“I have received information, that there are people working from within our party with Adeeb to implicate others. This is sad. Give this person that statement, this is ongoing. This is not something I was told on the street.” said MP Shareef.

Those connected with the matter had contacted him directly, said MP Shareef who called to speed up the investigation and reach a conclusion. He said that he did not want allegations against others to be made without the results of the investigation.

The MP also uttered a barbed response against Hulhudhoo MP Ilyas Labeeb. MP Shareef stated that there was no reason why he should recuse himself from the matter since he had not obtained any money from the scandal.

“I would like to say to MP Ilyas Labeeb that I do not have to recuse myself. I have not taken part in the MMPRC scandal. So if it is something directed at me, I have not recused myself because I myself, believe that I have no part in this (scandal),” 

“And to those who are working to frame, it is not so easy to frame. That you are framing…” was what MP Shareef stated before being stopped by the Committee chair MP for Kinbidhoo Mohamed Nashiz.

What MP Ilyas Labeeb had directed toward MP Shareef was not audible due to the meeting being held virtually. It was also not clear whether MP Ilyas had directed the comment beforehand or in a chat.

Thimarafushi MP Abdulla Riyaaz said that framing an MP was a serious issue and should be shared with the relevant authorities by MP Shareef.

The investigation into the MVR 3.3 billion scandal is being conducted by the Anti-Corruption Commission, Police, Asset Recovery Commission, and Prosecutor General’s Office jointly.

A press conference by Police, ACC, and Asset Recovery Commission last October had revealed that 15 current MPs and 42 MPs from the previous Parliament had been involved in the MMPRC scandal and had received money from it.