Five more recover from COVID-19 in Maldives, recoveries keep rising

May 22, 2020: MNDF officers and health professionals are photographed operating near a residential building in Male' City due to the situation with COVID-19.

National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) has announced that five more individuals have made recoveries from the COVID-19 virus in the Maldives.

The total number of recoveries in the country currently stands at 109 now. 

NEOC did not provide any further details regarding the recovered cases. The country confirmed 58 cases of the virus today. The total number of cases currently stands at 1,274. Four people have passed away from the virus so far.

The majority of the confirmed cases in the country originated among the large migrant population in the capital which confirmed a community case of the virus on April 15.

So far 661 Bangladeshi nationals, 119 Indian nationals, and 16 Nepali nationals have tested positive for the virus. The total number of locals that tested positive for the virus stands at 452.

Authorities have recently announced that the restrictive measures in the country are to be eased out in phases as the measures have allowed the virus to be controlled. Authorities also estimated tonight that the average daily case numbers for the country are estimated to remain between 30 and 50 cases.