Officials estimate daily virus numbers to remain below 50

Photo shows health officials from the HPA operating to collect samples for COVID-19 from a residence of migrant workers in the capital Male' City on May 22, 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Officials from the National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) have estimated that positive virus figures in the Maldives could remain below 50.

Speaking in tonight's press conference, NEOC medical officer Dr. Ibrahim Afzal stated that average case numbers for the country are estimated to be numbered around 30-50 cases per day.

He added that the figure of 30 cases would be the daily baseline for the country. Dr. Afzal said that 30 cases per day were a low figure.

“30 to 40 cases are very low indeed. Meaning that we would all wish to see zero cases or not having more than five cases.  However, in these kinds of diseases, there is always a baseline.” Said Dr. Afzal as he responded to a question by a journalist.

Diseases such COVID-19 had a baseline of the level, said Dr. Afzal who added that once the virus begins to spread within a country, it would be labeled as an endemic. Endemic diseases almost always have a baseline, so it is very likely that COVID-19 would also have a baseline for the future. 

“If the cases are controlled continuously at a certain level, it can be viewed that it would be the baseline of that country.” Said Dr. Afzal.

Based on the population percentage, 50 or 30 cases in such kinds of diseases usually were not high when taking into account the population of a country or the population of Male’ City, said Dr. Afzal.

Dr. Afzal stated that the Maldives was experiencing small peaks of the virus which subside afterward. He added that this may be due to the fact the disease takes some time to spread in the community, which is why the test results were being received in such a “wave pattern” manner. 

He also said that despite the government easing the restrictive measures on the country, the public should refrain from visiting relatives and friends as much as possible.