Delays in O' Level, A' Level certificates; Ministry says transcripts can be used for now

A school examination underway. (Sun File Photo)

Education Ministry of Maldives has advised that transcripts for O’ Level Certificates for the examinations held in October/November 2019 are to be used for higher education purposes.

The Ministry stated that this was due to delays in obtaining the certificates for the examinations. A’ Level and O’ Level certificates are printed by the universities in the UK which also includes the seals of the universities. The certificates are then sent to the Maldives.

Due to the closure of airports and restrictions on travel and transport of items and goods across the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, delays were faced in obtaining the certificates right now, said the Ministry.

The Ministry affirmed that the certificates would be released to students as soon as they are received.

Result transcripts can be used by those wishing to apply for higher education purposes before the original certificates are received. The Department of Public Examinations would also provide documents of assurance regarding the results. 

To obtain documents of assurance, the Ministry requested to send an email to  [email protected]