Police yet to make an arrest in connection to fatal stabbing in Guraidhoo

Th. Guraidhoo.

Maldives Police Service, on Thursday, announced it has yet to make an arrest in connection to the fatal stabbing of a Bangladeshi worker in Th. Guraidhoo.

The Bangladeshi national, identified as farmhand, had been found dead inside a site opposite to the labor quarter where he had resided in at approximately 1 am. He was found with stab wounds on his neck and stomach.

Guraidhoo Health Center confirmed he was already deceased when taken to the center.

Following the murder, the police initiated a search on labor quarters located in the island, during which officers found another Bangladeshi worker who had sustained stab wounds to his head.

Guraidhoo councilor Naufal Hassan told Sun the wounded Bangladeshi worker had not attempted to seek medical care for his wound, and had been found in a room along with two other Bangladeshi workers. All three had been sleeping when found by the police, said Naufal.

While some locals have alleged the wounded Bangladeshi worker to have been the culprit behind the fatal stabbing and to have been attacked as retaliation, a police spokesperson told Sun the police have yet to make an arrest in connection to the case.

Guraidhoo Council vice president Thaufeeq Ali told Sun the wounded Bangladeshi worker has been taken to the Th. Atoll Regional Hospital located in Veymandoo for medical care.

The Bangladeshi farmhand who died in the stabbing had been housed in a labor quarter located within his place of work. He is said to have returned to his quarters to sleep after leaving a shop run by his employer at approximately 11 pm.

The case is under investigation by the police.