Elderly COVID-19 patient from Manadhoo recovers

Health Minister Abdulla Ameen speaking in a press conference on April 30, 2020. (Photo/NEOC)

Health Minister of Maldives, Abdulla Ameen has announced that an elderly COVID-19 patient in the Maldives has recovered from the virus. 

Citing the Health Minister, state media, Public Service Media (PSM) reported that an elderly woman who tested positive for the virus from N. Manadhoo had recovered.

She had traveled to Manadhoo after being in Male’ for medical purposes before the lockdown order on the capital was initiated. Later on, the woman had tested positive after being transported to the capital once again due to abdominal pains.

PSM reported that the latest tests of the elderly woman had returned as negative.

The Minister stated that it was reassuring to know that elderly individuals are among those who recover. It is believed that the virus affects elderly individuals and people with chronic illnesses the worst. Minister Ameen stated that the country was very much focused on the treatment of virus patients.

The elderly woman was treated at the Dharumavantha Hospital’s DH11 facility.

“The 80-year old woman that tested positive for the virus from Manadhoo, her latest test results are negative. This is very reassuring news for those involved.” Said Minister Ameen. 

None other cases in contact with the elderly woman had been tested positive from the island of Manadhoo. Samples collected from the contacts of these nine individuals were today transported to the capital to be tested.

Minister Ameen also added that most of the recovered in the country were youth and middle-aged individuals and that they were all doing well now.

Based on statistics, the country currently has 1030 active cases. The total number of cases is 1094. 59 individuals have recovered from the virus while four have unfortunately passed away due to complications.