Nine cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Manadhoo

Photo shows the harbor N. Manadhoo, the administrative capital of Noonu Atoll. (Hameedh Joe/Google Drive)

The COVID-19 task force established in N. Manadhoo has confirmed that nine more individuals from the island have tested positive for the virus.

A member of the task force stated to Sun that the nine individuals were all contacts of an elderly woman who had tested positive for the virus initially. The woman is the first case of the virus on the island.

The elderly woman is an 80-year old individual who tested positive for the virus after being transported to Male’ City to receive treatment for an unrelated health complication. She tested positive on May 1. Her results were received as positive only after she had left the hospital.

Everyone that tested positive from Manadhoo was now in home isolation.

The Maldives has now confirmed more than 1000 cases of the virus. HPA tweeted that 38 cases of the virus had been tested positive.

Other than Male’ City, COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in:

  • N. Manadhoo
  • H. A. Uligan
  • H. A. Thakandhoo
  • Sh. Narudhoo
  • Sh. Milandhoo
  • K. Thulusdhoo