3 more resorts turned to quarantine facilities for travelers stranded in Male’

Herathere, Addu City: The resort island has been repurposed as a transit quarantine facility.

Tourism Minister Ali Waheed, on Thursday, announced that three more resort islands have been repurposed as quarantine facilities to hold the people stranded in Male’ due to the lockdown who wish to return to their home islands.

The three new resort islands repurposed as quarantine facilities are: H. Dh. Hondafushi, F. Filitheyo and M. Medhufushi.

“Difficult though this may be, it is imperative that this be done reduce the risk of the disease spreading to the atolls. Be patient and take courage,” said Ali Waheed.

Four more resorts are already in use specifically to quarantine the people stranded in Male’; S. Herathere, Dh. Iruveli, Lh. Fushifaru, and R. Furaveri.

Ali Waheed had previously revealed that some 5,000 had applied for the government’s assistance to leave Male’ and return to their home islands.

They will need to undergo 14-day quarantine in a designated facility before they are allowed to return to islands.

According to the National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC), there are currently 350 applicants in transit quarantine facilities.