Samples from Maafushi Prison test negative for virus

Photo shows health workers collecting samples for COVID-19.

Some of the random samples collected from the prison in Maafushi for COVID-19 have returned as negative.

The news was announced in a press conference underway right now, by Home Minister Imran Abdulla.

The Minister stated that a total of 38 samples were collected from the prison for random sampling. Out of the samples, 22 have come back as negative, while the remaining samples are pending. The Minister stated that he hoped the prison was free of the virus.

The samples were collected as a part of an effort by the Health Protection Agency to widen the testing circle in the country and collect samples randomly to assess just how much the virus has spread in the country.

Maldives Correctional Services stated that on May 8 samples were collected from 15 inmates and 23 prison officers. The samples were collected from different units of the prison as well as guards in different sectors in the prison.

The Maldives has confirmed 862 cases of the virus so far. Out of the recorded figure, 30 have made full recoveries while three have passed away.