Minsitry announces guideline for migrant worker's accommodation

Migrant workers in congested shared quarters in Male' City. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Economic Ministry has formed and announced guidelines on the condition of accommodation facilities for migrant workers brought into the country.

The guidelines issued by the ministry today state that the accommodation facilities must be covered from the weather with the exception of ventilations. The facilities must also be built with the appropriate tools for construction.

If the facility for accommodation is built inside a construction site, a perimeter must be established between the two sites. The facility must also be secure from waste and should be a clean location. The construction site and the accommodation facility must have a distance of 1.5 meters, according to the guidelines.

The contact details, name and reference number of the employment permit must be displayed near the entrance to the facility as well as the name, contact information of the supervisor and the number of space available. The information is to be displayed in both Dhivehi and English.

The sleeping quarters of the facilities must also allow natural light and clear ventilation. The facility should also be adequate in space for the number of workers living there. If only one person is living in the quarters, the quarters should have a length of 3.78 meters and a height of 2.8 meters.

The width of the facility must be at least 1.5 meters with floor space of 5.13 meters and a height of 3 meters if bunk beds are placed inside for more than two people to sleep.

If two single sized beds are placed inside the quarters for more than two people, the floor space must be at least 6.84 meters, if there are two bunk beds for more than four people the floor space must be at least 8.55 meters.

Apart from the two single beds, each additional bed per extra person should have a floor space of 3.24 meters. Cupboards for personal items must also be placed inside the quarters and at least a meter should be kept between each bed.

Designated areas for laundry must also be built in the facility with a toilet per every ten persons. The toilet area must be located within a distance of 60 meters and at least five meters away from the sleeping quarters and eating area. A special area fort praying must also be built in the facility.

A clean water supply that falls within the standard of WHO must also be available from the facility for drinking and other purposes such as laundry. A sewerage system must also be constructed. Dustbins must also be placed in the facility.

Emergency escape routes must also be designated in the facilities in case of an emergency such as fire and instructions for such situations must be written down and displayed at the facility. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure the safety and security of such locations as well as carry out maintenance works.

If such a facility has more than 100 workers living, a doctor designated for the facility must be available and the Health Ministry must be informed in case of an infectious disease.

The Ministry will supervise the facility once a year and take action against the employer in case of violations. The guidelines are to be implemented within six months on October 13.