Maldivian: Online tickets go on sale for locals to return from Malaysia

Passengers disembark a Maldivian flight. (File Photo/Sun/Fareeha Abdulla)

National airline Maldivian has announced that tickets will be sold in the evening to locals who wish to return from Malaysia to the Maldives.

The special charter flights to evacuate locals in Malaysia will be held on April 8. Tickets will be available for purchase online.

Maldivian stated that the flight will depart from Malaysia around 8:00 in the morning. The time may be subject to changes, according to the airline.

The locals returning from Malaysia would be placed in quarantine for 14-days as per government procedure.

Maldivian also conducted special charter flights top evacuate locals in Sri Lanka as well. Around 100 locals were evacuated from Sri Lanka yesterday. The airline is also working to conduct further flights to evacuate locals in India as well as other countries.