MP condemns mockery of businessmen, warns lack of future investments

MP for Maradhoo Ibrahim Shareef speaking in the parliament. (Photo/Parliament)

MP for Maradhoo Ibrahim Shareef has warned that the mockery directed towards businessmen in the country may dry up investments in businesses in the future.

In today’s online parliamentary session, MPs talked about the planned government programs to overcome the situation with the Covid-19 in the Maldives. Speaking in the session, MP Shareef condemned the ridicule directed towards some businessmen as wealth owners.

The role of these businessmen in turning the country into a sufficient one from a poor backward country was huge, said MP Shareef who added that the risks taken by them should not be forgotten.

“If we keep on mocking ridiculing people in a way that creates enmity, no one will come to invest in any sector of the country in the future. This is something to be thought about,” said MP Shareef.

MP Shareef said that this was not the time to create enmity and no one should conduct themselves in a manner that causes damage to the economy. Assisting and helping each other during this time to overcome the disease was something everyone should do.

“I call on the government to create a Presidential fund and for those with sufficiency to donate as much as possible,” said MP Shareef.