Velaa Private Island introduces allowances for employees amid virus situation

Employees of a resort in the Maldives are pictured at work. (Photo/Velaa Private Island)

Velaa Private Island in N. Atoll has introduced an allowance for its employees, in addition, their wages.

The move by the resort comes at a time when complaints from employees of the tourism sector over unfair dismissals and wage cuts have been reported. Some resorts have sent their employees on no-pay leaves after the government imposed stringent measures restricting the arrival of tourists due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19. The measures have seen some resorts in the country suspend their operations for the time being.

Velaa will be providing its employees with a fixed special allowance in addition to their wages. Employees earning below USD 600 will earn a service charge of USD 200. Employees earning between USD 601 and USD 1000 will earn a service charge of USD 100.

Employees earning a basic salary below USD 1000 will earn a service charge of USD 500. Employees earning between USD 1001 and USD 2000 will earn a service charge of USD 300, according to the document issued by the resort regarding the allowances.

Long term employees of the resort will also earn an additional allowance of USD 100 under the “long service” allowance.

The resort stated that it always looked to ensure the safety and security of employees. Before stating that the move may not be viewed as the most equal, the resort requested to take the decisions of the management in good faith due to the current situation with the virus.