Police investigate sexual abuse of 2-year-old in central Maldives

Children play with sand in a beach at a Maldivian island. (File Photo/Sun/Mohamed Muzain Nazim)

Maldives Police Service has launched an investigation into the sexual abuse of a two-year-old girl in central Maldives.

According to the police, the case was submitted to the North Central Police Division on Friday, March 27.

While no arrest has been made as of yet, the case is under investigation as a serious crime, said the police.

The case comes after a 20-month-old girl was sexually abused by her paternal grandfather and great-grandfather in G. A. Kanduhulhudhoo in January, sparking widespread protests in Maldives.

The victim’s grandfather Ibrahim Didi, 62, Rihiveli, G. A. Kanduhulhudhoo; and her great-grandfather Hassan Moosa Didi, 82, Annaarumaage, G. A. Kanduhulhudhoo have been charged with incestual sexual abuse of a child. Meanwhile, the victim’s parents have been charged with failure to report the sexual abuse of a child and failure to prevent the sexual abuse despite knowledge of the crime.