Dhiraagu cuts charges for merchant transaction fees of Dhiraagu Pay

Dhiraagu head office at Male' City. (File Photo/Sun)

Dhiraagu has stated that it will not be charging for merchant transaction fees from its digital wallet application, Dhiraagu Pay for a period of three months.

This was done to pave the way for businesses to utilize the Dhiraagu Pay system and also as a way to provide an easement during the current situation. Fees will also not be charged for newly registered businesses as well.

The company added that the number of users for the Dhiraagu Pay was increasing due to the current situation with the Covid-19 virus. Dhiraagu pay allows users to transfer and pay for commodities via smartphones instead of hard cash.

Photo shows an online advertisement of Dhiraagu.

The service is used in more than 260 businesses, including delivery services, restaurants, and small shops as well as salons. The company is encouraging the use of digital applications such as MY Account to pay for its services as well. Services of the company can be paid via My Account, Dhiraagu Pay and the company’s mobile application as well.

The company has also introduced notable discounts and free data packages to its customers due to the situation with the virus in the country.