MIFCO has enough stock of fish cans to cater for panic buying

Photo shows a man carrying fish can cases of MIFCO. (Sun Photo)

Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company Ltd (MIFCO) has reassured that customers would not face any shortages of fish cans. The company stated that it had an abundant supply of fish cans in stock.

Managing Director of MIFCO, Ismail Fauzy, speaking with “Sun” said that the company’s Ramadan sale was commenced some time ago and there was a huge demand due to the reduction in prices of tuna cans.

“The sale was started on March 1. Prices were reduced by a lot. There is a huge demand based on the price.” Said Fauzy.

He added that due to the situation with Covid-19 in the country, sales were high in the last week and people even queued up to buy cans. He said that the situation had died down now but there were arrangements made to sell their product with the implementation of social distancing if a scenario like that arose again.

“It is difficult to connect this demand with Covid-19. But some customers did buy fish cans as a part of panic buying. But even if a situation like that came, we have enough in our stocks.” Said Fauzy.

Products will be available from the MIFCO shops in the Male’ area and that there were no difficulties faced in production or sourcing ingredients.

“We have enough for the next two or three months. There are stocks in Felivaru as well. We can cater to the demand even if there is panic buying.” Said Fauzy who added that there were no difficulties in purchasing fish from fishermen as well.

The Managing Director added that a massive demand was being received for the company’s delivery service “MIFCO mivareh neiy”. Under the promotion fish can cases are being sold for MVR 640 and MVR 595.