Stelco: Sewerage service shortcomings not due to company fault

An aerial shot of K. Himmafushi. (Sun File Photo)

Stelco has stated that issues faced with the sewerage systems of K. Himmafushi and K. Thulusdhoo were not on its part but because the systems on the islands were not completed.

Stelco was fined MVR 5000 for failing to provide the sewerage services on the islands under the conditions of the operating license issued to the company, by the Environment Ministry.

The company stated that it had officially informed of the complications faced due to the incomplete system, during the period granted for such submitting such complexities before it undertook the project.

It only accepted the project after the ministry assured that the incomplete procedures would be carried out, according to Stelco.

“After prolonged concerns were expressed over the issues, they were finally fixed by the Planning and Infrastructure Ministry.” read a statement by Stelco.

Stelco also stated that it was not responsible for the shortcomings of the ministry.

The operating license for Thulusdhoo was granted on November 13, 2019, while the license for Himmafushi was granted on December 2, 2019.

Stelco also assured that despite the fine, it would not be hesitant to provide necessary services to the public.