MMPRC partners with CNN to promote Maldives

MMPRC partnered up with world renowned news agency CNN to promote and market the Maldives as a travel destination on February 28, 2020. (Photo/MMPRC)

Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Company (MMPRC) has partnered up with world-renowned news agency CNN to promote and market the Maldives as a travel destination.

The campaign which will be kicked off in March will focus on five different areas of the world. They are South Asia, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

Photos and videos of the Maldives, its natural beauty and culture will be shared on CNN websites and social media platforms under this initiative by MMPRC. 

“This campaign will be one of the biggest such campaigns in this year by MMPRC to promote the Maldives.” read a statement by MMPRC.

MMPRC is also planning to promote the Maldives in 23 different markets of the world.

The Maldivian tourism industry has been hit hard by the fast-spreading Covid-19 disease and MMPRC is gearing up to subside the negative effects of the outbreak on the economy of the country. 

MMPRC is also moving to exhibit the country with several partner companies at the ITB fair in Berlin, Germany on March 4, 2020.