Jailed former president Yameen hit with new accusations in investigation

Former President Yameen is seen waving after boarding a speedboat of Corrections Services to be taken back to prison after a court hearing in his appeal case on January 28, 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Police have stated that former President Yameen is under investigation for further crimes after he was summoned from prison yesterday for questioning.

The former president, who is serving a five-year sentence for money laundering, is accused of bribery, money laundering and embezzlement in the MMPRC scandal.

Yameen’s lawyer, Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed spoke with media after the former president was brought in for questioning. Dr. Jameel said that police questioned Yameen regarding the previous accusations.

However, police issued a statement, later on, clarifying that the former president was not questioned regarding previous accusations and even gave a brief overview of the line of questioning.

The former president is accused of embezzling and laundering MVR 220.7 million, after obtaining the funds from state-owned companies. The funds were acquired by MMPRC on the presumption of exchanging for foreign currency and involved acts of corruption. Yameen is also accused of embezzling and laundering the total amount lost from the MMPRC scandal which is USD 77.5 million.

Police are also accusing the former president of loaning MVR 1.9 million from the funds of MMPRC to companies and private individuals that involved acts of corruption and is accused of embezzling and laundering these funds as well. He was previously questioned regarding this allegation, according to Police.

Another allegation against the former president is that he accepted bribes in leasing an island named A.Dh. Fuhgiri through the MMPRC. Yameen is accused of abusing his power, accepting USD 1,118,000 and laundering this money through private individuals and companies.

The former president is currently serving a sentence of five years after being convicted of money laundering. The case he was convicted of involved the funds obtained as the acquisition costs of G.A Vodamulla.

His vice president Ahmed Adeeb, who he later fell out with, is the next prime suspect in the scandal that has been described as the biggest to hit the country. MMPRC’s then managing director Abdulla Ziyath is also accused of being involved in the scandal. The two are right now under house arrest and has previously given statements against the Yameen.