STO seeks to procure an additional fuel tanker

STO fuel tanker, Alimas. (Sun Photo/Jazlan Mohamed)

State Trading Organization (STO), on Thursday, announced it was looking to procure an additional fuel tanker.

STO is looking to procure a fuel tanker within the size range of 29,000 cubic meters to 36,000 cubic meters.

It has instructed interested parties to register for the bidding process by March 2, and submit bid documents by March 12.

Only owners of vessels and brokers are eligible to participate in the bidding.

STO specified that the fuel tanker must be specialized for clean petroleum, and must have been built in Japan, South Korea, or a European country.

STO had last procured a fuel tanker in 2018 – a 25,000-ton vessel procured from a German company for USD 14.7 million (MVR 226.6 million).