MP Recall bill gaining firepower, MP Usham announces support!

MP for Villimale' Ahmed Usham is seen speaking at the Parliament. (Photo/Parliament)

MP for Villimale’ Ahmed Usham has stated that he is prepared to present the MP Recall Act drafted by a private individual to the Parliament.

The bill to amend the constitution to dismiss a member of the Parliament was drafted by attorney Hamza Khaleel. Hamza had opened the draft for comments to the public earlier this month and is now working on gathering support on social media to present the bill to the Parliament.

“The support being received currently is not big enough, to present this to the Parliament we are going to need a lot more,” said Hamza.

MP Usham has voiced his support for the bill and stated that Hamza was working on presenting the bill to the Parliament through the MPs of the constituency that he belongs to. MP Usham stated that if that did not happen, he was ready to assist Hamza.

Hamza had contested for the North Galolhu constituency in the last Parliamentary elections but was edged out by current Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Eva Abdulla.

Hamza has previously stated that he was trying to present the bill to the Parliament through MP Eva. Hamza had stated that he would try to present the bill through another MP if his attempts with MP Eva failed.

The lawyer’s bill is slowly getting the support and firepower it needs on social media by the public. Members of the public are already calling on their MPs to present the bill to the Parliament.