Land reclamation planned for expansion of Felivaru fish cannery

Workers inside the Felivaru fish cannery. (File Photo/Felivaru)

Maldives Inland Fisheries Company (MIFCO), on Thursday, invited interested parties to send in proposals to conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for a land reclamation project in Lh. Felivaru to expand the Felivaru fish cannery.

MIFCO plans on reclaiming the lagoon to the east of Felivaru for the expansion.

Parties interested in conducting the EIA have been asked to register with MIFCO at its headquarters by 2 pm on Tuesday, February 18.

Parties who do not register will not be allowed to take part in the bidding, said MIFCO.

Parties who register will be emailed a request for quotation by February 20, and an information session will be held at MIFCO headquarters on February 23.

Parties will need to send in their bid proposals by 2 pm on February 27, and the bids will be unsealed in the presence of all parties involved at 2 pm on February 27.

The planned expansion project comes after President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, last year, said that MIFCO’s facilities Kooddoo and Feliveru lacked the capacity purchase the full quantity of fish caught by local fishermen.

He announced temporary permits would be issued to private companies to purchase fish as a temporary remedy, but that a permanent remedy required expansion of Kooddoo and Felivaru.