MP describes proposed bill as ''copy-paste'' document

Central Maafannu MP Ibrahim Rasheed. (Photo/Parliament)

Central Maafannu MP Ibrahim Rasheed has raised the issue of landlords or parties who rent out property and do not provide the maintenance on the property rented after collecting a maintenance fee.

MP Ibrahim Rasheed criticized the bill regarding the property rented in yesterday's parliamentary session. The bill underwent the first reading process yesterday and MP Rasheed stated that the bill would not achieve its intended results the way it was right now.

The MP described the bill as a “copy-paste” document before speaking about the issues faced in renting properties. After noting that the maintenance fees are also charged by government companies for projects run in Hulhumale’ by renting properties the MP stated that the maintenance was never carried out by these companies despite collecting the fee.

“I have never witnessed maintenance being carried out. A lot of citizens are complaining. Complaints regarding the properties rented during the previous administration of President Yameen is still being received. Complaints regarding old doors and tiles that have rotted. These are flats that have been rented, not provided for free.” said the MP.

He also added that it was common knowledge that HDC and other government companies collected maintenance fees from properties and never provided the service.

“It seems that maintenance fees are charged for properties rented out all over the country including flats and row houses. But the service is never provided. So, this bill needs to state what needs to be done in such a situation, whether it is a fine that has to be imposed or what.” said the MP.

The MP also spoke about trouble caused by tenants as well. Refusal to vacate the premises, failure to pay the rent and the government’s failure to evict the tenants after a considerable amount of time without paying rent was noted by MP Rasheed.

He stated his belief that the bill would not be implemented even if it passes with fair and balanced words.

The bill includes the formation of a registry of tenants renting property in the country that will be monitored by a board yet to be formed. The registry regarding the island or atoll will be maintained by the council of the city or island it belongs to.