President’s Office audits front desk service quality at 54 government offices

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. (Photo/President's Office)

President’s Office, on Thursday, announced it had conducted a soft audit to assess the quality of front desk services at 54 different government offices located in the capital, Male’.

It marks the first time for such an audit to be conducted by the President’s Office.

According to the President’s Office, the government, under the Cabinet’s counsel, has launched a number of measures to improve the quality of front desk services from government offices, restore public trust and improve the general public perception regarding government offices.

The soft audit was conducted on 54 government offices which deal directly with the public.

According to the President’s Office, purpose of the audit was to identify the current quality and management of front desk services, the challenges in delivering front desk services, and the main reasons for customer dissatisfaction.

The audit revealed a number of issues which can be remedied through modernization of front desk services, it said.

The President’s Office said it had shared its recommendations with the Cabinet, and was working on implementing the necessary changes.