Home Minister: Ringleader of attack on foreigners arrested, no further danger

Home Minister Imran Abdulla stated that the alleged ringleader of an attack on tourists on January 4, 2020 has been arrested. (Sun File Photo/Muzayyin Nazim)

Home Minister Imran Abdulla has said that the alleged ringleader of an attack on foreigners last Tuesday has been arrested.

Police have stated that the attack was planned and carried out by alleged extremists. Six have been arrested in connection with the attack that wounded three foreigners.

After the attack, a video showing three masked men, claiming to take responsibility and threatening further attacks was uploaded to a local channel of the app telegram. The authorities are investigating the validity of the video.

Minister Imran has stated that the video was shot during the planning stages of the attack as was the case in most other such attacks throughout the world.

“However, the attack did not go as they planned.” said the Minister who added that preventive measures taken by the Police had stopped the attack from being fully carried out. The Minister also stated that there was no further danger.

“One of the senior members and others involved in the attack are all in custody.” said the Minister.

Two Chinese and one Australian nationals were wounded in the attack. Police stated that one of the victims was discharged from the hospital while the remaining two were stable and recovering.

Police have stated that everyone behind the attack and those who assisted the attack in any manner would be brought before justice. The President has also stated that the government was committed to ensuring the maximum safety of expatriates and foreigners in the country.