Toriq defeats Fazad to win PPM ticket for Fuvahmulah mayor

Toriq Ahmed (L) with Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed.

Interim results of Friday’s primary by Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) show Toriq Ahmed to have defeated Ali Fazad, the former central Fuvahmulah parliamentary representative, to secure the party’s ticket for Fuvahmulah City mayor in the upcoming Local Council Elections.

Ali Fazad had won 634 votes, while Toriq Ahmed won 892 votes.

Toriq had won the majority from four out of the six districts in the city – losing out only from the Funaadu and Maaligan districts.

He had also won the majority from the ballot box kept for the city’s constituents in Male’.

Following his defeat, Fazad told Sun that while he noted a number of administrative issues during the polling, he nevertheless conceded his defeat.

He was announced his backing for Toriq in the Local Council Elections, which will be held on April 4.

“The party wasn’t even close to reaching the level of readiness which the candidates and the general members are at. That was regretful. But I accept the results,” said Fazad.