Kinbidhoo school begins teaching coding

Teachers of Kinbidhoo school are seen at a coding session conducted at the school. The school is the first to teach coding in the Maldives. (Photo/Kinbidhoo School)

Kinbidhoo school in Th. Atoll has begun teaching its students coding.

The decision to start teaching students how to code was made after reflecting on the successful experience of the coding club run at the school last year, according to school principal Ahmed Abdulla who spoke with “Sun”.

38 teachers were trained to teach coding and every week at least one hour of coding will be taught at the school as part of the timetable, said Ahmed Abdulla. The classes will be taken part by students from grades 1 to 10.

The students and teachers have all registered on a special website for the purpose and will participate in the “hour of code” run by the website every week.

The purpose of introducing such a program was to increase the skill set of children and teach them the skills of computer science.

This is the first time coding is being taught in a school in the Maldives