Jailed former Pres. Yameen expresses discontent at prolonged bail process

Former Maldivian President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom at a PPM rally. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Former President Yameen has expressed discontent at the extended time it is taking to decide on his bail process by the High Court. The former President was sentenced to five years in jail for money laundering by the Criminal Court in November of 2019.

The case later appealed to the High Court and a request to release him on bail was also submitted by President Yameen’s defense attorneys.

President Yameen expressed his displeasure in a tweet published by a member of his legal team, former vice president Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed. The tweet read that the former President had the right for bail just like anyone else.

The tweet also read that ensuring rights and delivering justice without delay is what is known as reforming the judiciary. It is within the discretion of the High Court to decide on such matters of bail if a reasonable offer is presented to the court by the defendant in a case of appeal.

Dr. Jameel has previously stated that he was sure that President Yameen would be granted bail since the procedure has been in practice in the Maldives much like developed nations.

The former President was found guilty of money laundering for depositing USD 1 Million to his personal account from the account of the SOF company which had obtained the acquisition costs of leasing G. A. Vodamulla.

The former President maintained his innocence and claimed that the money came from donations to his campaign and was managed by former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb.